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Stress Makes A Comeback

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I took a gig running around the country as a coordinator for this television production.  It’s been long (20 hour days) and highly stressful.  I’ve tried to be cool – but it’s worn on me.  And now, my Thrush is back.  

I had to quit.

I hate being limited.  This production was a totally horrible piece of crap – but it still bothers me that my body can’t handle it.  That I’ve ruined my temple that a week of high stress turns my body sour.  I hate having to be so “aware” of my body.  So, overly cautious about what I eat.  What I do.  How much exercise I’m getting, etc.  Etc.

It’s tiring.

I’m on my 31st hour without sleep, I’ve taking a few quick cat naps, but nothing that’s making me feel good.  My stomach hurts, my throat feels scratchy – and I’m just exhausted.  I’m waiting for a fax to come and I need to search through the 19 vehicles stored in Valet for 5 missing GPS systems. 

They’re going to be lost.

I’m tired.  And cranky – and this isn’t worth it.

Life is too short for sickness.


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May 4, 2008 at 11:53 am

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