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One Year Ago

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A year ago, I had been given the worst news I think I could have ever had.  And now, I sit here a but confused and wondering exactly where life is going to take me.  

It seems most of the times nowadays, that everything is normal.  I do have to take a pill once a day and be reminded that I have something that can one day potentially be a threat but for now – I’m safe, clean, healthy.  It sometimes almost completely forget about it.  It’s hard to concentrate and fall trap to such down thoughts at all times, and it’s good to know I can just be me.  It’s good to know I can just – relax.

Then – there are times, when I’m reminded and that with a stupid slip in a hot and heavy moment, I can infect my partner.  

And I’m no longer able to do it.  And my relationship suffers.  I trip.  I fall to the ground in sort of a shuffled failure.  I get up, brush off and continue on.

Running through the day.  Like any other.


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February 28, 2009 at 6:36 pm

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