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Feeling Sick (Missing a Dose)

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On Wednesday Night – I missed my dose.  First time since I started seven months ago.  In the morning, I felt this unnerving tension.  Somehow, I could screw everything up.  A day later, I have a cold.  One of course has nothing to do with the other.  I think my body is just worn out.  I’ve been going to the gym every day, eating horrible and really not doing the body good.

I know why I have a cold.  I just need some rest.

And take the weekend off.

And I can’t forget another dose.  I don’t do well with added stress.


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September 19, 2008 at 8:43 am

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The Average of Numbers

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So, today.  A few days past six months later, I got some new numbers.

VL – 60.  CD4 – 342.  Both of which are a bit disappointing.  48 would be considered, undetectable.  I’m only 12 away.  12 whole little viruses away from being considered – undetectable.  And my CD4 count has dropped.  Not sure why – but I’m going to blame it on my terrible terrible diet.

So, now, I have to wait another three months before I can really kill this fucking virus.  At least to a point that it’s at 1.  I want a VL of 1.  And a CD4 of 1500.  And I won’t be happy until I make that happen.

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September 4, 2008 at 9:21 am

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