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Stress Sucks (and so does giving blood)

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Today, I went in for my third appoinment with my doctor.  I feel pretty good, except I’ve eaten horribly in the past few months.  Next week, I’ll get the new numbers and the new results, I’m hoping for undetectable!  My doctor feels that there isn’t any reason to believe otherwise.

I’ve also had a pretty hectic few weeks on this new job – coordinating a show that’s trying to chase the Gustav hurricane… it’s pretty ridiculous as I’ve had to put together the whole shoot for 15 crew members in less than 36 hours.

But, they’re there – a few hiccups and other things and all things considering, I feel maybe (and hopefully) all goes smooth but for my stress level – and more importantly – their safety.

So, next week.  Numbers… eek.


Written by twotwentyeight

August 29, 2008 at 2:59 pm

Posted in HIV

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